Subject Code Subject
Foundation Level
F-1 Principles of  Management
F-2 Mathematics  & Statistic for Management
F-3 Fundamentals of Marketing
F-4 Fundamentals of Accounting
F-5 Business Economics
F-6 Internal Audit Assurance
Diploma Level
D-1 Research Methods
D-2 Statistical Inference
D-3 Business Communication
D-4 Cost Accounting
D-5 Financial Accounting
D-6 Business Taxation
Advance Diploma Level
AD-1 Marketing Management
AD-2 Financial Management
AD-3 Human Resource Management
AD-4 ERP System in Business
AD-5 Development Economic
AD-6 Managerial Accounting
Professional Level
P-1 Business Policy
P-2 IFRS for accounting
P-3 Credit Management
P-4 Analysis of Financial  Statement
P-5 Investment Management
P-6 Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting