Final Examination Results

1. Grade Sheet

Each candidate will be communicated for his/her result of the examination in the form of a Grade Sheet at the mailing address mentioned in the examination application form. Students, who do not receive the Grade Sheets within 2 months from the date of official announcement of the results, should contact us accordingly. The result will be also uploaded on the ACPAM’s website.

2. Passing Percentage

The passing percentage in the examination of each subject is 60%.

3. Grade Policy

    Equivalency in Grand Passing Mark


Exempt 87-100 77-86 67-76 60-66


Member’s Overall Performance Total



120 + Approved

Min. Req Exam Hrs CTF Hrs APL Hrs Articles
120 As Required After Evaluation Approved Current Study Approved & Accredited Prior Learning As Applied & duly Approved 

Examination Grading Criteria

Codes mentioned below will be observed in grade sheets after examination.

Pass: Passed

Fail: Failed in the examination

FU: Failed due to unfair means in the examination or copied the material for an assignment

AB: Absent from examination

EX: Exemption granted on the basis of other qualifications/experience.

PE: Permanent exemption in the subject on the basis of examination.