Become A Centre Of ACPMA

In order to deliver ACPMA award programs you will need to become an ACPMA approved center.

To become an approved centre, an institution needs to demonstrate that it has all the necessary policies, procedures, systems and resources in place to assure the quality and integrity of the award programs it delivers to its’ learners.

Any organisation can become a centre  as long as it has the right elements in place to meet the ACPMA approved centre criteria; it can be a sole trader learning provider, a charitable organisation, local authority funded training company, a college or a university.

The step by step process an institution needs to go through to become an approved ACPMA centre is outlined below.

  1. Complete the centre approval application form and send it to us with supporting evidence.
  2. We will review your application within 5 days.
  3. We will notify you of the outcome, which will either be: ‘visit required’ or ‘approval granted’.
  4. If you need a visit, our Approvals Officer will arrange to meet you. They will be looking for evidence to confirm that centre approval criteria have been met.
  5. Our Approvals Officer will make recommendations to the ACPMA board about the outcome of the visit. We will then confirm our decision, which may be: ‘approval granted’; ‘approval withheld subject to an action plan’; or ‘approval denied’.

If approval is granted we will send you confirmation and a new centre pack.

An approved center would deliver these services

  • An ACPMA Approved Centre is a training provider or educational establishment that provides delivery and assessment of ACPMA qualifications.
  • All centers are recognized, approved, and regulated by the ACPMA Awarding Body, and all organizations wishing to offer ACPMA qualifications must apply to become an ACPMA Approved Centre.
  • This status is only granted to organizations that have the capacity and capability to comply with our regulations, therefore the rights to offer ACPMA qualifications cannot be achieved without applying for this process.