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Who we are

The ACPMA Global is a certification organization for professional accountants and the qualification enjoys international recognition. Professional qualifications and courses are duly recognized, attested, and accredited by intuitions worldwide.

The ACPMA Global qualification trains Accountants with the perfect blend of learned principles and practical application. On completion, ACPMA Global qualification is already at an advantage against other accounting qualifications
ACPMA Global approves centers for delivery of our predesigned courses.

The expanding global horizons are stretching the financial and economic boundaries where decisions are driven by international competition. In such an ever-changing world, the professionals like accountants cannot operate in an isolated business environment. Thus, to accelerate professionally along the technologically advanced business frontiers, accountants must participate proactively to attain their professional goals. The accountants must emerge as strategy formulators; professionally equipped with standards of corporate governance.

We consider accountability and transparency as vital to global economic growth and development, therefore, we are working all around the world to further the economic evolution the individuals into professional accountants, through training and development. We believe in quality education, leading towards the professional career development of our students. ACPMA offers you the best of professional accountancy certification to start with. Our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs’) are innovative and planned thinkers who are well committed for their truthfulness and distinction; ready to manage national and international organizations in key managerial professional position.