Fee Structure

Levels Total
One Time £
Fee Per Paper £
Certificate level 6 36 65 40 305
Diploma level 6 72 65 40 305
Advanced Diploma Level 6 108 65 40 305
CPA+      Thesis or On hand training (Equal to 3 subjects) 6+3 144+18 65 40 305

CPA fee : £ 960 

Registration : £ 65

Courier Charges out side UK£ 35

Membership Fee: £ 40

Dissertation/Thesis OR  Project: Equivalent to  three courses.

Registration Weaver will be provided to those students  who are registered with us at certificate level.

ON  HAND Training: ACPMA’s core objective is to provide on hand trainings to enhance the skills of the outgoing students. As per recent survey conducted in differenct countries there is still shortage of skilled accountants , audit manager, accounts managers, cost accountants, system analyst, business analyst and ERP system consultants. The CPAs from ACPMA will have this edge then of others institution’s graduate to get professional job in the market.


  • All fee is payable in BP sterling for each subject or can be paid in US Dollars (For EU nationals) or in local currency (For Other  Nationals)
  • The conversion rate from BPS to student’s local currency will be applied on payment date which is globally accepted
  • The coaching/tuition fee is excluded and directly payable to center or local agent in the student’s country.
  • The above fee is not applicable to Sr. Professionals, educator fellows and affiliate CPAs (ACPMA)
  • The examination fee is not applicable to article ship students
  • Fee paid by the students / members are non-refundable
  • The registration fee is once at the time of admission.
  • Fee can be changed as per board of directors approval/UK center